I believe strongly in the adage, “The rising tide lifts all boats!” and in the power of “we.” We can all learn from each other; in fact, I’ve found my children to be my greatest teachers! My mission is to share experiences and lessons that I’ve caught, in hopes of helping others. I do this as a leader, speaker, mentor, and partner.

Why? Because life is complicated. It is hard AND beautiful, joy AND sorrow, highs AND lows, personally AND professionally. So, why not help each other?! There are some things in life that you need to experience yourself to capture the lesson, but some lessons can be learned from and through others. I hope that you’ll find at least a couple of the latter here.

Personal Growth & Development 

Because we know life is a work-in-progress, it is to our own benefit to invest in our own personal growth, so that we can enjoy the journey! Through books, podcasts, mentors, coaches, classes and more, there are plenty of resources available to help support you becoming more of who you were uniquely designed to be and achieve more joy, success, contentment and connection!

Warning- this work is not easy if you’re doing it right! Rather, it requires getting vulnerable, raw and honest with yourself, and it almost always includes some lifestyle changes and choices. But alas, it is SO worth it, because not only does you showing up as your best self benefit you, it also serves everyone’s highest good, and especially those closest to you! Remember that “the rising tide lifts all boats,” so your self-improvement has a ripple effect- it makes you a tide riser! 

I am a firm believer that prioritizing your whole-body wellness: your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, including nutrition and self-care, is a critical ingredient to your success. Part of my purpose of this site is to help others shorten the learning curve and to help simplify the complex, so I share insights, resources, tips, hacks, books, etc., that have helped me personally in hopes they help you too.

Professional Growth & Success

I am a walking example that the more you invest in your own personal growth, the more you will grow professionally. There is a direct correlation between personal development and professional growth because you are clear on your values, who you want to be and why, it allows you to bring more of your best, authentic, uniquely-designed self into your professional life! Apply what you learned personally to your professional environment and identify opportunities for additional support such as sponsorship, networking, career development, mentorship, leadership, courses, etc., to help prepare you for success both in where you are today and where you want to grow.  

Executive/Operational Leadership & Business Strategy

Stacey oversees a large, complex, 24/7 regional operation, and is an experienced revenue growth driver and marketer. This enables her to help business leaders connect the dots to solutions from where they/their business is to where they want or need it to be, across various functions, from operations, efficiencies, culture, talent management/training/development, marketing, sales, corporate social responsibility, etc.

Business Growth, Strategy & Operations

Stacey’s expertise spans across various functions, from operations, efficiencies, culture, talent management/training/development, marketing, sales, corporate social responsibility, and more.

She has done all of this in the most challenging of circumstances throughout her career, and led teams through major disruptions, such as mergers, downsizes, strategic shifts in go-to-market product and messaging, C-suite changes, economic downturns, and of course most recently- the global pandemic. Stacey’s “AND” approach resonates with teams and leaders, which allows for realism and optimism to co-exist, as well as empathy with accountability.

Strategic, solutions-oriented thinking, quick pivoting and com is how Stacey is wired. In fact, as a youth athlete, Stacey’s coaches noted her “court presence,” an innate strength where one can quickly see where the ball is, assess where it needs to go, identify how and set it in motion. As a professional, that strength is identified as “strategic,” which is Stacey’s top CliftonStrength. 

Cross-functional experience and a consistent track record, combined with her super-strength of being a professional “dot connector,” helps Stacey identify and connect paths to outcomes, where others may see questions or chaos.

Subject Matter Expertise

My commitment to all of the above, coupled with my experience, allow me to help others by sharing my knowledge and expertise. I do this through writing, speaking, consulting and more.


If we want to be at our best, for ourselves and others we care about- then we need to take care of ourselves! This includes mind, body and spirit. When you are good to your body, your mind and spirit also benefit, and that is why I believe physical wellness is important.

I see the foundations of physical wellness as four categories: nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management. There is so much out there that is confusing! (If you’ve found something you love, please share it with me too!) 

There are so many options, but just to start with one that has proven to be a simple start and sustainable is IDLife’s DNA Test + Online Health Assessment. I used that to guide my exercise, diet and supplement routine.

That program makes the complex simple. You start by taking a free online health assessment that asks questions about your individual needs, lifestyle, family history, health history, (and even adds genetics if you purchase the optional DNA test) and provides a health score with suggestions to improve it. It then gives you the option to fill in your nutritional gaps with personalized supplements (easy, and more convenient to carry 1 little strip pack than a ton of bottles!) 

I highly recommend investing in the HIPAA-privacy protected DNA assessment, which provides a customized, 46 page report with specific guidance on do’s and don’ts of exercise, diet, vitamins, etc., specific to your genetic makeup. (ie: I have a high sensitivity to fats, so the Keto diet would not be a good choice for me. Also, I carry the MTHFR gene, so artificial dyes, ingredients and sugars do not do well in my body and affect my energy, digestion, metabolism and more. And I have found all of this to be true when I put it in practice!)

The benefit of this is it is information that you carry with you for life and allows you to stop guessing and wasting time and money on fads, diets, workouts, etc., that are not sustainable. When you supplement your body with what it needs, it is more likely to work how it should! For me that meant immediately improved sleep, energy, metabolism and more! Because my foundational health is sound, I have the wellness, energy, and capacity to be a better me for myself and all those around me; and that is why I consider wellness the core foundation to any path to consistent personal or professional success.

If you’d like more info, message me or check out their website where you can also take the free health assessment.


Often I’m asked for book recommendations. The answer is- it depends what you’re looking for, but here are a few books that have impacted me, challenged my thinking and/or helped me grow.

Personal Growth

Professional Growth & Success

Leadership & Business


Personal Growth

Professional Growth & Success

Leadership & Business