Stacey Kauffman

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Strategy and Results. Growth and Impact.
Optimism and Realism. What and How.
People and Purpose.

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stacey kauffman

The simplest way to describe Stacey’s essence is this: “I take what I do very seriously. I do not take myself very seriously.”

In our current times, where there are countless divisions of “this OR that,” Stacey’s success in business and leadership has been built on “this AND that.” Soft skills and hard skills. Accountability and compassion. Push and pull. Art and science. People and process. Strategy and execution. Serious and fun.

I am both left- and right- brained, and while earlier in my life and career, it often felt as if I had one talking to me on each shoulder, through my own experiences and development, I’ve learned to view my split brain as as a compliment rather than a contrast or competitor to one another. There is great power in learning how to leverage and integrate these qualities, both personally and professionally… to be both optimistic AND realistic, strategic and executing, hard and soft, push and pull, art and science, big picture and details, etc. As a servant leader and growth driver, I hope that sharing my lessons and stories from my ongoing work-in-progress life and experiences, will add value to you as an individual, team and/or business, whether personally or professionally.

I believe strongly in the adage, “the rising tide lifts all boats!” and in the power of “we.” We can all learn from each other; in fact, I’ve found my children to be my greatest teachers! My mission is to share experiences and lessons that I’ve caught, in hopes of helping others. I do this as a leader, speaker, mentor, and partner.

Why? Because life is complicated. It is hard AND beautiful, joy AND sorrow, highs AND lows, personally AND professionally. So, why not help each other?! There are some things in life that you need to experience yourself to capture the lesson, but some lessons can be learned from and through others. It is my hope that you’ll find at least a couple of the latter here.