stacey kauffman

I believe strongly in the adage, “the rising tide lifts all boats!” and in the power of “we.” We can all learn from each other; in fact, I’ve found my children to be my greatest teachers! My mission is to share experiences and lessons that I’ve caught, in hopes of helping others. I do this as a leader, speaker, mentor, and partner.

Why? Because life is complicated. It is hard AND beautiful, joy AND sorrow, highs AND lows, personally AND professionally. So, why not help each other?! There are some things in life that you need to experience yourself to capture the lesson, but some lessons can be learned from and through others. It is my hope that you’ll find at least a couple of the latter here.

They say your children can be your greatest teachers. I have found that to be true; here are mine!


I am mission- and purpose- driven, and it is important to me to share those values with the businesses I work with and the people I surround myself with. I am grateful for the opportunities, mentors, resources and experiences on my journey thus far, and that is why helping others and paying it forward is important to me. I truly believe in the adage that the rising tide lifts all boats!

My core value is integrity. It is more important for me to get it right than to be right, and I am willing to get uncomfortable, take risks, and make mistakes in that pursuit. I believe especially as leaders, it is our responsibility to set that example, and to create safety and vulnerability around that idea. My team, partners, family and friends know they have my commitment that, “I will not always get it right, but I will always make it right.”
I view my “life is a work-in-progress journey” in four key areas: personal growth, professional growth, leadership growth, and impact. My mission here is to share some of what I’ve learned along the way, in hopes it may help you or your business. Some things you can learn from others or osmosis, and some you have to learn for yourself. I’m hoping you’ll find at least a few of the former around here.

Partner Feedback

Catie Holoubek
COO, Pinnacle Advertising
No matter how you work with Stacey, her passion for radio is obvious. She has a knack for knowing the best way to market brands of all sizes and verticals - and does so in unique, dynamic ways. Whether it's on site, online, on air, or any combination- Stacey brings strong leadership skills and a fresh perspective to the marketing table.
Rodney Spearman, MBA
Vice President Operations, US Foods
Stacey is professional and diligent. Her work was always of the highest quality. In addition, she worked well in teams and was always a reliable team leader and contributor. Stacey has great leadership skills.
Ryan Penrod
CEO, YMCA of Wabash Valley
Stacey is very organized and detailed with her work. She consistently meets deadlines and exceeds expectations with assignments and responsibilities.
Derek L.
Head of Executive Assessment, AIIR Consulting
Stacey and I both attended the MBA program at Indiana University-Northwest. She is one of the hardest working individuals that I have ever met. She stood out among students as a dedicated leader with exceptional intelligence. Stacey was at the top of our class and she was rewarded with an invitation to join the honor society Beta Gamma Sigma.
Domini M. Bryant
Social Change Agent and Advocate
Stacey is a very detailed oriented, creative, energetic individual. Stacey earned my respect when we worked together in radio at Radio One. She is tough and she operates with great integrity--and I love that about her. Stacey is driven and is a go-getter and a producer. She has a great heart and knows how to take care of people.
Sheila Smiley
SVP of Media & Digital, Hirons
Stacey is a true joy to work with. She is customer centric and consistently goes the extra mile. Stacey is detailed oriented and has a great focus on achieving success for her customers. I look forward to our business paths crossing again someday.
Todd Schumacher
Owner & Managing Partner, Vici Media
Stacey became a pro in the media business quickly. She has a great ability to find out what a customer needs and come up with a solution that can work for the client and the station. Her beiggest strengths are her creativity combined with her tenacity...a great and rare combination.
Marge Pistulka
Owner & Marketing Consultant, Fusion Media Solutions
Stacey has a great understanding of integrated marketing strategy and brought her exceptionally honed client-focused solutions-based approach when working with me on a major regional retail client. Her can-do attitude is infectious, and her creativity when working on promotions, from concept to execution, is stellar.
Kelley Wotherspoon
Author & Owner, Wotherspoon Books
It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Stacey at Hubbard Radio. I found her to be an incredible asset, not only to the company as a whole, but to individual coworkers like myself. She was always a consistent sounding board for ideas and I believe her knack for media planning places her among the most talented in the industry.
Kari Miskit,
Chief Communications Officer at Visit Sacramento
Good leaders give advice based on experience; great leaders take the time to listen and provide guidance rooted in understanding. Stacey has experience in spades. But, her undeniable gift for observing a situation and identifying real solutions that play to a person's strengths sets her apart.
Megan Denhardt, CAE
Education Consultant
Stacey Kauffman's presentation on "The Grounded Leader: Reconnecting to Your People and Purpose" was a resounding success with our members, receiving top marks across the board! Stacey's expertise and delivery were exceptional, making her one of the best speaker we've had at one of these events. Her insights were not only incredibly well-received but also sparked meaningful discussions among attendees. The takeaways from her presentation were truly valuable, and many members have expressed gratitude for the motivational experience. Overall, it was a fantastic program that left a lasting impact on all who attended, thanks to Stacey's outstanding presentation and the wonderful community of people involved. We are eager to have her back at another program this year!


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