Giving Yourself Permission to be Human 4.1.22

This Adam Grant quote resonated with me, because I see how many people continue to struggle with the notion that it is ok to change your mind. Even more, being willing to change your position on something, rather than digging in deeper to a decision or a path that you now believe is wrong, is a sign of strength, courage, and a trait that I see in people who are consistently successful.

You have to first give yourself permission to be human! You are not infallible. Also, we are in the “information age,” which means information is always changing and evolving. So, what is the sense of holding on to old beliefs that no longer serve you? The “take a position and stick with it” leadership mentality is outdated and ineffective. Be like Elsa and “let it go!”

Instead, change your paradigm and commit to making the best decision you can with the information you have at the time. (And yes, indecision is a decision.) But beyond that, make that decision with the understanding that the presence of new information may lead to a different decision, and that should be explored, not ignored! Good leaders are clear on this and are willing to make that pivot, regardless of how uncomfortable or unpopular it may be. Not only does this paradigm make you and your organization more effective, it also sets the tone for your team. They need to know that it is ok to change their minds and this shift encourages them them to stay curious and informed, which will ultimately yield more favorable outcomes.

Put another way, organizations that are successful in today’s rapidly changing environment are those who embrace this philosophy, “It is more important to get it right than to be right.” That cultural tone is essential for long-term success, because you can’t innovate or iterate without it! And if you’re not doing that, you’re going the way of the dinosaur, or <insert name of a once-successful, now defunct company, such as Blockbuster, here!