1.1.22: New Year, New Day Affirmations

I love the new year because it brings fresh energy, hope, possibility and vision! We set intentions and goals for who we want to become and what we want to accomplish and it feels so good! … until BAM some sort of negative energy or action, (internal or external,) hits us in the face. It’s not if, it’s when. And that’s ok! Expect it. And, prepare for it. That is not the moment to quit; it is the moment to remember why these goals and ideals matter enough to fight for them. One of the things that helps me be ready for that moment is starting the day off in the right head space with these four simple affirmations. How you choose to start your day sets the tone for it. So, if it starts snoozed, rushed and chaotic, you are more likely to feel like that way all day. How will you have the energy to be at your best, overcome adversity, and stay committed to your goals if you feel like you’re running on empty by 10am? Spoiler alert: you won’t! You’re starting the day from an empty cup; And, that affects you, your goals AND those around you. Instead, what if you wake up just five minutes earlier (before anyone needs anything from you) and

give yourself a moment of peace and intention before the day begins? What might that feel like? You will be starting your day with at least a “half-full” cup, AND bonus- you will also have more of your best self for whatever the day ahead brings and for those around you! If you struggle to stay focused, positive, manage your energy and/or find time for self-care, I encourage making this simple morning affirmation, or a version of it, a daily practice. I also recommend soaking in the sips and aroma of a cup of tea or coffee while reflecting on these four affirmations. I personally enjoy writing them down in my journal. You may find it beneficial to save it on your phone and refer back to it later in the day as a reminder for your intention, or even say them aloud while doing a simple morning stretch (because let’s face it, most of us don’t do enough of that either! ie: me! 😊) Do whatever works for you! I hope this helps ground and encourage you for the day as it does for me. Happy intention-setting, friends!